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F.A.T. FRIED & TASTY: Dragon Fire Chilli Wing Dust - 190g

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Want to bring some of that Fried and Tasty heat home with you?

We get the finest ingredients and blend them with care to make that delicious HOT and SPICY flavour you know and love.

Spice things Up in the Kitchen . . . just make sure you've got milk on hand just in case it gets a little too hot !!!

Use our Dragon Fire to add heat to anything you like to eat, we recommend it's best used with chicken to add that extra hot Zing, or use a lot for that WOWsers knock you for six

you can use it as a finishing dust, or mix it in with four or breadcrumbs as you prepare your coating

With an even heat pallette our Dragon Fire is designed to use a little or a lot depending on how hot you love your hot!

Heat Profile: 7/10 (use less for a milder kick)

Ingredients: Special Blend of various 85k Scoville Rated Exotic Chilli's, Sugar, Salt.

Allergens: TBA

Size: 190g Shaker