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MINGLE SEASONING: Garlic & Dill Seasoning - 130g

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MINGLE'S GARLIC & DILL SEASONING is a unique seasoning that can be enjoyed guilt-free (most Ranch seasonings/dressings contain a whole lot of nasty ingredients)!

A zesty combination of garlic and dill gives you just the right amount of tang to elevate any protein or vegetable.

Mingle’s seasonings were created after realising that current supermarket seasonings had a range of hidden nasties.  

Most seasonings in the supermarket contain ingredients like added refined sugar, high amounts of sodium, artificial ingredients, cheap fillers (like unnecessary flours), refined vegetable oils, preservatives and dairy products (a watch out for all you vegans).👎‎👎‎👎‎👎 

Mingle believes everyone deserves flavour without compromise. You can make it better, and make it with Mingle. 

Mingle's Garlic & Dill Ranch Seasoning tastes great with:


Recommended: Fish, Chicken, Beef, Veggies, Tofu, Eggs, on the BBQ, in Soup, well its a great all-round seasoning use it with everything !!

Ingredients: Garlic (42%), Onion, Dill (14%), Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper, Parsley, Basil

Allergens: Free from Added Sugar, Keto Friendly, Lower in Sodium, Preservative Free, Only All Natural Ingredients, Vegan Friendly

Size: 120g Shaker