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WONDER CLAWS: Meat Shreadders

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Shread Meat Like a Pro !

Wonder Claws – Making meat handling easier than ever! These meat claws are made from durable, heat resistant plastic and fit comfortably in your hand.

No more wrestling with forks, knives or tongs when shredding slow-cooked meats. Just grab your claws and get superior control when shredding, lifting or carving your meats!

Disclaimer: Wonder Claws may make you feel like a badass superhero!

Your Ultimate Cooking Tool!

The Wonder Claws are a game-changer for Australian BBQ cooking and kitchen use! Easily pick-up, hold down, shred and move meat around without making a mess.

Comfortably held on your knuckles, the Wonder Claws feel like an extension of your hand and remove the dangers of shredding/carving meat with a fork and knife.

Designed to help shred slow-cooked meat, safely handle meat from hot surfaces and hold food while carving, the Wonder Claws ensure you can safely and effortlessly handle food with the utmost control.

The wonder claws are incredibly versatile – once you start using them around the house, you won’t be able to imagine cooking without them!

Wonder Claws will:

Help you cook more efficiently than using other kitchen cutlery

Protect your hands from burns and getting dirty

Wash and store away easily

Two claws come in each set.
Dish Washer Safe