Our Story . . . 

This whole concept originated by myself (a chef) and my wife to be (definitely not a chef) dieting for our wedding. After weeks of eating the same bland food we realised the simplest way to add variety was with spice rubs. Being a chef of fifteen years with many recipes for seasonings we began experimenting. After a while we found that even the wife who wasn’t much of a chef could very easily create an amazing dinner using the spice rubs.

After world events, our lives had taken quite a turn. The husband a chef, and the wife in travel we found ourselves in need of a new beginning. Well it would seem that the answer had been right in front of us the whole time. Our majestic creations that had changed our way of food could do the same for so many.

So here begins our spicy journey

Our range of quality spice rubs and seasonings are ground and mixed by hand in Melbourne to create a majestic harmony of flavours. We make every blend in small batches to ensure the perfect balance. When we say made by hand we mean it!

All of our rubs are 100% natural, with no additives or fillers. because of this sometimes clumping can occur. Don't worry this is a completely normal thing that happens and we guarantee that it does not affect flavour at all.

Yes we are certified Low FODMAP

One of the biggest missions we have had at black market spice merchants is making sure that all of our spice rubs are 100% fodmap friendly. Almost all spice rubs and seasonings today contain garlic, onion and additives and we wanted to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy all the flavours that the world has to offer regardless of dietary restrictions.

We are also Kosher certified

Did you know that black market spice merchants are also kosher certified? Our rubs and seasonings are 100% Pareve. we operate under the strict supervision of kosher Australia.

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