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I started Kosmos Q back in 2009 from the linen closet of our house, with the $500 from my last good credit card, and a mountain of reasons why this probably wasn’t going to work. But what I did know at the time, was a thing or two about overcoming adversity.

We’ve gotta start at the beginning. If you’re one of the millions who have watched me on YouTube, you may have seen the burn scars on my legs. That’s because at 17 months old I was severely burned from my waist down in a crazy bathtub accident.

Growing up in El Reno Oklahoma I spent most of my childhood in the burn ward of the Shriners Hospital in Galveston TX. It was a long hard journey with many challenges. BBQ became a Passion and outlet for me and in some weird way I was destined to become some kind of BBQ superhero.

My first Job was flipping burgers at Roberts Grill, and this was the beginning of my BBQ and cooking journey. I started getting creative, experimenting with recipes and cooks, I drew inspiration from friends and family and pretty soon I had my first little smoker and was ready to hit the BBQ circuit.

My first competition I was the total underdog with my little smoker, but I managed to take out 1st place with my ribs that day and it was a David vs Goliath moment I’ll never forget.

I began to experiment with BBQ product inventions and surprise, went on to win five championships, including one world championship. Not long after I bought a food truck and travelled all over Oklahoma getting my name out there and even got named one of the top 3 food truck in the country in 2015.

With all these amazing competition wins to my reputation my products started to take off, I had to close my food truck to concentrate full time on Kosmos Q and from there the rest is one brilliant journey doing what I love.  

Today, we ship over 30 different products to grill masters and fans around the world. With over 170,000 customers worldwide and with over 19 million+ views on YouTube I’m just getting started!

Since the beginning our mission has been to help barbeque fanatics who want to make the most badass Q on the planet, by equipping them with the tools the knowledge and the support they need to make the best BBQ every time. We want to inspire people to savour their BBQ experiences while creating unforgettable memories with their family and friends.

BBQ brings people together no matter the weather.

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