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COAST N SMOKE: Zeally Seasoning Rub – 160g

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Fresh and Zesty like a morning dip in the Ocean. Steaks, Salmon, Burger Patties, Chicken - GRILL. ENJOY. GO SURF.

Zeally Seasoning is Coast n Smoke’s version of a traditional Montreal steak seasoning.

Montreal steak seasoning’s origins can be traced back many years, some say even to the Ottoman empire. Its modern day popularity came about when a griller at a Montreal restaurant, started using it on his meat.

Up until then the spices had been used to cure beef brisket, which was then smoked and steamed into Pastrami. One of Montreal seasonings characteristic ingredients is dill. That’s what makes this blend go so well on salmon but it’s equally at home on steaks and other proteins and vegetables.

It has a slight hint of chilli heat, so if you like things hot use more but if you like them more mild use a bit less.

Australian Made: Torquay Surf Coast VIC

Allergens: This blend contains no sugar, no gluten, no dairy and is vegan. We do not add any MSG or fillers or anti-caking agents to our products, should the contents clump just shake the container to loosen.

Size: 160g Shaker