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Hardcore Carnivore Red is the workhorse all-purpose rub, with a blend of classic spices like garlic, black pepper, paprika and just a hint of heat. And that vivid colour? Totally natural.

Great for use on pork and chicken, and it's also a best-keep secret amongst competition BBQ teams.

Flavour profile: a coarse blend of classic spices like garlic, black pepper and paprika with just a hint of heat.

Allergens: Gluten Free, No MSG, No artificial colours, Low GI.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, White Sugar, Black Pepper, Dehydrated Garlic, Paprika, Dehydrated Onion, Chili Powder (Chili Pepper, Salt, Cumin, Oregano and Garlic), Natural Flavour, and Silicon Dioxide (Less than 2% used for anti-caking).

Size: 311g Shaker