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STEF THE MAORI: Pork Hunt Pork and Chicken Rub - 240g

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Introducing Stef The Maori - Pork Hunt - Chicken and Pork Seasoning:

Unveil the Hidden Treasures of Flavour!: Are you ready to embark on a tantalizing culinary adventure? Say hello to Stef The Maori - PORK HUNT - CHICKEN AND PORK SEASONING, the ultimate secret to unlocking a world of sensational taste in your pork, chicken, and poultry dishes.

A Fusion of Exquisite Flavours: Our PORK HUNT seasoning boasts an exquisite fusion of carefully selected herbs and spices, blending together to create a symphony of taste that will awaken your palate. The harmonious medley of savoury notes with a hint of aromatic spices will elevate every bite to sheer perfection.

Versatility at Its Finest: This seasoning is a true flavour booster, effortlessly enhancing the taste of your pork, chicken, and poultry creations. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or sautéing, our PORK HUNT blend guarantees a burst of flavour that will leave you and your guests craving for more.

Embrace Dietary Preferences: At Stef The Maori, we believe that extraordinary flavours should be accessible to all. That's why our PORK HUNT seasoning is crafted to be gluten-free and vegan-friendly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy its captivating taste without any compromise.

Unlock the Umami Experience: As a special touch, our PORK HUNT - CHICKEN AND PORK SEASONING contains MSG, introducing a delightful umami experience to your dishes. Experience the depth of flavour that only MSG can provide, adding a touch of magic to your culinary creations.

Crafted with Passion and Tradition: Stef The Maori is driven by a passion for authentic flavours and a respect for traditional Maori heritage. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen to reflect the essence of New Zealand's wilderness, infusing your dishes with the spirit of the Maori culture.

Join the Flavoursome Journey: Take your cooking to new heights? Embrace the magic of Stef The Maori - PORK HUNT - CHICKEN AND PORK SEASONING and transform every meal into an unforgettable experience. Order now and immerse yourself in a world of delectable tastes.

Experience the Magic: of Stef The Maori - PORK HUNT - CHICKEN AND PORK SEASONING Today!

Designed in New Zealand, Made in Australia from at least 30% Australian ingredients.

Ingredients: Coconut Sugar, Sugar, Salt, Spices (Paprika, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Mustard, Cumin, Chilli, Coriander), Flavour Enhancer (621). Rice Flour, Herbs, Smoke Powder.

Allergens: May contain traces of Gluten (wheat), Soy. Milk & Peanuts Turns out this product is vegan-friendly, not that we intended for it to be that way but if that's what tickles your pickle then you can still rub one out with your carrot and beans. Contains MSG

Size: 240g Shaker